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    Referendum 2002

Il vincitore del Referendum 2002 di altremusiche.it è:

Arvo Pärt: Orient & Occident (ECM New Series)

[vedi recensione]


Sono stati segnalati anche:

AA.VV.: Oliver Nelson: Composer & Arranger, A Tribute (Il Popolo del Blues)

AA.VV.: 8 femmes - Colonna sonora di "8 donne e un mistero" (Fidélité - www.marsfilms.com)

Anti Pop Consortium: Arrhythmia (Warp)

Asa-Chang & Junray: Jun Ray Song Chang (Leaf)

Meira Asher / Guy Harries: Infantry (Sub Rosa) [vedi recensione]

The Books: Thought For Food (TomLab)

Francesco Branciamore: Perfect Quartet (Jazz'halo)

Peter Brötzmann: Right As Rain (FMP) [vedi recensione]

Celea / Liebman / Reisinger: Missing a Page (Label Bleu)

Conference Call: Final Answer (Soul Note)

Maria Pia De Vito: Nel respiro (Provocateur) [vedi recensione]

Die Like a Dog: Aoyama Crows (FMP) [vedi recensione]

Ekkehard Ehlers Plays (Staubgold)

Family Fodder: Tender Words (DarkBelovedCloud)

Gianni Gebbia: Arcana Major Sonic Tarots Session (Stereosupremo) [vedi recensione]

Vinny Golia: Feeding Frenzy (9Winds)

Gerry Hemingway: Songs (Between the Lines)

Innocent X: Haut/Bas (Label Bleu) [vedi recensione]

Keen-o: Nobody Knows How And Why (Materiali Sonori)

Meshuggah: Nothing (Nuclear Blast)

L'Ensemble Rayé: Les contrepoints cardinaux (Kein & Aber)

Frank London: Scientist at Work (Tzadik)

Evan Parker / Han Bennink: Grass is greener (psi) [vedi recensione]

Peoples' Liberation Music: We Only Want the Earth - the Plm Tapes 1973-78 & Other Songs (MusicNow)

Enrico Rava / Stefano Bollani: Montreal (Label Bleu)

Spring Heel Jack: Amassed (Thirsty Ear)

Nobukazu Takemura: 10th (Childisc) Xenakis: Persepolis Plus Remixes 1 (Asphodel Records)

Zu: Igne (Wide)


Ringraziamo tutti coloro che hanno partecipato al nostro Referendum...

Happy new ears a tutti.